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Bespoke Moulds

We are very proud to be working with Bruce McNally who spent five years in advertising, designing characters for commercials for many well known brands including Kelloggs, Cadbury's (designing the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny when he was 21), Bulmers Cider, Lyons Cakes and Natwest Bank (the original Natwest Piggy Banks).  This brought him to the attention of Jim Henson and The Muppet Show where he worked for ten years creating puppet designs and heading the licencing division as Vice President in London, New York and Los Angeles.  During this time he was part of the design team creating The Fraggles and Muppet Babies and designed the characters and sets for Dog City, a one hour special made in Toronto which was later reformatted as a successful animation series by the Canadian animation company Nelvana.

He also illustrated many successful children's books for Random House, Holt Reinhart & Weinston and Scholastic in New York.

He was creative Director in the Disney regional head office in Paris and worked in Florida and Burbank and afterwards for Warner Bros London as Creative Director.  Returning to freelance work in London he created the Churchill Bulldog for Churchill Insurance.

The Ogden Ducks_edited.jpg

"The Ogden Ducks" have been created by Bruce exclusively for Big Bisque and will shortly be added to our bisque catalogue

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any mould making requirements

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